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Apply for Flex PLUS and get an in-principle approval of S$3,000* credit within 24 hours. Need more? Flex PLUS lets you access up to S$100,000* credit — approved within 48 hours.

Sign up in minutes and enjoy up to 35 days interest-free payment term with minimal documentation required.

*Credit lines are subject to approval by our partner, Finaxar Capital ll Pte. Ltd.

No hidden fees, no surprises. That’s our promise.

Hidden fees and interest rates for credit lines preventing you from getting cash?
Flex PLUS provides you the flexibility to increase your credit limit with no additional charges or hidden fees.

S$3,000* in-principle approval — minimal documents required for preassessment

35 days interest-free payment term

Flexible credit limit of up to S$100,000* to cater to your business needs

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More credit, less time with Flex PLUS!

Can’t get a business credit card and on-demand financing costing you a fortune? With Flex PLUS, you can

get up to S$100,000 to boost your working capital. No hidden fees, no interest and minimal documentation.

Just the way you like it. Here’s how!

  • Minimal documents required for preassessment
  • Approved in 24 hours

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